Laura Osnes gets ready for the 2013 Tony Awards

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I did a little cover of Your Song by Elton John! (it is Ellie Goulding’s version, for key reasons.) hope y’all enjoy!

musical theatre female character meme: a female antagonist in a musical
» Ursula  (The Little Mermaid)

"But I’ll keep on smiling, from the times I had with them." 


this will never let me down

I’m already really sad and anxious so maybe my mom will take me to see if I stay after my therapy appointment tomorrow


oh god, what will my parents say?
can i go in there and say,
i know that i’m letting you down
nina, just breathe

I feel like shit and my school is trying to fuck me over and I’ve had three panic attacks in the time I’ve been awake and I just want to not be here

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