unsung heroes:a playlist of singers/songs/writers/composers that you probably don’t know but you should. Because they’re amazing and make this world a better place.

{LISTEN} 01. i could use a drink (redux) drew gasparini  02. han solo jason gotay 03. regret[S] alexander sage oyen 04. in the city jason gotay and danny quadrino 05. anyway emma hunton 06. running maddy trumble 07. what kind of fool am i jason gotay with charlie rosen’s big band 08. avalanche lindsay mendez 09. we’ll find it in you natalie weiss 10. children lesli margherita 11. we were giants emma hunton, jason gotay, zak resnick, alice lee, and george salazar 12. letting go corey cott 13. hand in hand lindsay mendez 14. little dance danny quadrino 15. no turning back now jason gotay 16. caralee jay armstrong johnson 17. here for you jeremy jordan and jonathan reid gealt 18. manhattan speaks jason gotay 19. lucy’s laugh matt doyle 20. anything worth holding on to eric michael krop  21. straight girl problems jason gotay with emily kay shrader

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